Season 2022-23



The Magic Flute takes you to a faraway land of fairy tales, princes, princesses, mysterious sorcerers, and an evil queen. It tells a story of good versus evil, and of light versus darkness. But most of all, it is the story of Prince Tamino, and how he falls in love with Pamina, who has been abducted by the sorcerer Sarastro. Pamina’s mother – the Queen of the Night – is heartbroken, so when Tamino promises to do everything in his power to bring Pamina back, the grateful Queen gives him a magic flute and a helper – Papageno – armed with magical chimes and a big heart. The two set out to save Pamina, but they must pass through many dangers before the story can reach its happy ending. Along the way, Tamino learns that it is sometimes hard to tell who is good, and who is evil.

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His name was Prince Vlad, but the world knows him as Count Dracula. Deriving from the dark and mysterious Transylvania of the late Middle Ages, the vampire Dracula (meaning ‘son of the Devil’) grows up in a time of constant war. Unable to die he has to travel through time and space to find new blood and after moving to England in pursuit of his latest love-and-death interest, Mina Harker, he is attacked by a courageous group of men led by Professor Van Helsing...

Season 2023-24



Revolution is brewing, and the escaped political prisoner Angelotti seeks refuge at the place where the painter Cavaradossi is working. The two friends and political allies meet, and Cavaradossi promises to help Angelotti hide. The power-hungry police chief Scarpia arrives, searching for the fugitive. Scarpia, who lusts after Cavaradossi’s lover, the singer Tosca, attempts to undermine Cavaradossi by using Tosca’s jealousy to get her to reveal the hiding place. The strategy works, and when she charges off to Cavaradossi’s home, the police follow and bring him in for questioning in an attempt to locate Angelotti.

Cavaradossi is condemned to death for treason, and Tosca pleads for her lover’s life. Scarpia agrees to spare Cavaradossi with a faked execution, but Tosca must pay the price for his mercy with her body. After he gives the order and approaches Tosca, however, she stabs him to death with a knife. Tosca soon finds out that Scarpia has deceived her when Cavaradossi’s execution proves all too real. As the police arrive to arrest her for the murder of Scarpia, Tosca leaps to her death.



Armilla is kept hidden from the world by her father, Norando. Driven by her vivid imagination and innumerable books, the young girl dreams of the world beyond her walls, which is forbidden to her. She disappears into a fantasy world inhabited by vampires and fortune-telling sea nymphs, where she dreams up a sorrowful prince who can only be rescued by her love:

After shooting a raven in the woods, Prince Millo is cursed by a mysterious monk: until he finds a pure-hearted woman who loves him unconditionally, he is condemned to live in constant pain. Prince Millo’s brother Jennaro is certain that Armilla is this woman and kidnaps her across the sea. Armilla returns the love of Prince Millo, who seems to be in a trance. Meanwhile, Jennaro is warned by three sea nymphs that Armilla is not the right match, and an attempted murder in the bridal chamber is averted at the last moment. Her outraged father, Norando, who has pursued his kidnapped daughter, is placated by Armilla’s great love for Prince Millo and lets her go.



Act one: Wetzlar, 1780. Charlotte has promised on her mother’s deathbed to marry Albert. She does not love him but had come to terms with her fate until she meets the passionate Werther, who awakens her emotions.

Act two: A few months later. Charlotte has kept her promise and married Albert. Werther is meant to escort Charlotte’s younger sister Sophie to a ball but seems unwilling. He is tormented by his feelings for Charlotte and finally storms out of the house. Albert realizes that Werther is in love with his wife.

Act three: Werther has begun to send romantic love letters to Charlotte, who realizes that she has married the wrong man. Sophie tries to comfort her. Nevertheless, Charlotte decides to keep her marriage vows and sends Werther away. In desperation, Werther asks for Albert’s pistols, seeing death as the only way out.

Act four: Christmas Eve. Charlotte looks for Werther to try and prevent his suicide but arrives too late – he has already mortally injured himself. She confesses her love to Werther and kisses him before he dies. A Christmas carol is heard in the distance.