Den Jyske Opera / Danish National Opera

Den Jyske Opera / Danish National Opera is Denmark’s national touring opera company. Funded by the Danish Ministry of Culture and proudly based in Aarhus, Denmark’s second city and European Capital of Culture 2017, it tours across the whole country with both traditional and innovative opera for all ages, tastes and experiences. It is a distinctive, pace-setting part of the Danish cultural scene and for decades has presented productions of the highest artistic quality. With a fulltime chorus as part of 60 artistic, administrative and technical staff it performs regularly at the Royal Danish Opera in Copenhagen and collaborates with 5 symphony orchestras including the Aarhus Symphony Orchestra.

Vacant positions

Tenor audition 2018

Den Jyske Opera/Danish National Opera - the national touring opera company based in Aarhus, Denmark – has vacant positions for chorus tenors to be taken up 1 May 2019, or by agreement.

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Den Jyske Opera
Danish National Opera

Founded 1947
Base in Aarhus, second largest city i Denmark
Largest touring operacompany i Denmark

CVRnr. 22624210


General inquiries

General Manager and Artistic Director
Philipp Kochheim

Director of Music
Tecwyn Evans

Administration Director
Marianne Båstrup-Larsen
Phone + 45 2872 7801

Commercial Manager 
Martin Vrist Christensen

Technical Director
Anders Poll
Phone + 45 2122 2777

Head of planning
Annette Væring
Phone +45 5118 1986


Contact members of the staff
See staff members at the bottom of the page

Opening hours
Mondag-Thursday 9.00-15.00,
Friday 9.00-13.00
Phone +45 89 40 91 10

Ticket sales 
Musikhuset Aarhus / Concert Hall Aarhus

Phone +45 89 40 40 40

The staff

Peter Pade

Chief Financial Officer
Henriette Søby

Accounts Department:
Kirsten Cathrine Pedersen

Charlotte K. Holm Christensen

Marketing and Communications Manager
Anne Visby Larsen

Lillian Dresing
Marketing and Communications Coordinator

Marketing and Communications Coordinator
Trine Dueholm

Kristian Lager

Producer of Children's Opera
Birgitte Holt Nielsen

Head of education
Lene Juul Langballe

Head of Costume 
Ann Charlott Juul

Production Managers:
Malene Myrup Villesen

Camilla Grunnet